sabato 7 agosto 2010

Ado Den Haag

Hooliganism, dressing room bust-ups, supporters’ racist abuse, mutinous players and a sponsor withdrawing. If it’s a quiet normal life a footballer is looking for then they’d better refuse any offer from ADO Den Haag. "I could write a book about my experiences here", said defender Danny Buijs. ADO have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons and, despite being considered a sleeping giant of the Dutch game, have never got further than repeated relegation battles. This year should be no different again and talented youngsters like Jens Toornstra and Lex Immers won’t be enough to help what is a poor quality squad. Forwards Bogdan Milic, Fabio Caracciolo, Andres Oper and Berry Powel have all left and newcomers Frantisek Kubik and Dmitry Bulykin don’t appear a vast improvement. Another season of blood, sweat and tears awaits.

Key arrivals: Frantisek Kubik (Trencin); Dmitry Bulykin (Anderlecht)

Key departures: Bogdan Milic (Krylia Sovetov); Richard Knopper (released); Karim Soltani (Iraklis); Andres Oper (released); Berry Powel (released); Fabio Caracciolo (Fortuna Sittard)

Prediction: 18th

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